Dead Tree Edition

Trees are in an offset from Man’s short natural cycle, and because their lives are frequently measured in multiples of Man we often show individual trees regard and some veneration. Some we cut in swaths for housing lumber, and we plant many more for various purposes including growing them for paper. But trees don’t live forever, they do have a life cycle and rather than go to “Tree Heaven” their final resting place is integral with replenishing the earth. And last but not least we have to get rid of the dangerous ones that might suddenly seek to replenish the earth with you and your pretty little house in a high wind. These two big Alders are literally on the chopping block – they’re dead. They croaked. When they go there will be a big, branches-shaped hole in the sky where they used to be – and more sunshine getting through this Winter.
Meanwhile up across the Bay in Berzerkely a bunch of young, mis-taught, and intentionally stupified Hippiespawn are currently sitting-up in a circle of Oak trees that was planted some sixty years ago and that are dying. They lie about the age of the trees – probably genuinely believing what they think rather than knowing what they might know – a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Especially a LITTLE knowledge that is incomplete and seen through the knothole of an outhouse. The Hippiespawns want to save the trees, and see in them the content and value that they lack in themselves. They have spokespersons and issue statements, accusing others of misdeeds – and shit in a bucket. This is what the Teachers Union has produced in California, utter morons. Perhaps the trees are the smart and wise ones and have used their Ancient and Secret Tree-Zombie Power to take over the melted-brains of the hapless fools, causing them to do what they do by tree-puppetry. Yeh that’s it.

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