3rd Annual Mike Campbell Memorial Carbine Match

I think this is one of the most fun shoots we do, mainly because it’s so dynamic. The brass is flying all around, we move, and everything is done in rapids. We shoot prone rapid, sitting rapid, and standing rapid – two strings of ten shots from each position in 90-seconds.

We move from 100-yards Prone to 75-yards Seated, then to 50-yards for the Offhand, so the elevation is also changing constantly but not such as you might think – the hold has to change because the sights have limited flexibility. But it’s such a flat-shooting cartridge at 50-yards you just hold on the X and bang rapidly away and have a great time.
I had to remove the Aimpoint red-dot from my National Postal Meter, even though those were allowed last year – so the rules are constantly changing besides. Some things don’t change though, and my buddy the Distinguished shooter won again, but this time he didn’t “clean” the target. Ha! The guy who barely made it last year however came in Second, while I got Seventh with seven X’s. Out of about fourteen guys, that’s my mid-range style…

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