Paid Soros Stooge Propagandist Promotes Global Whoreming From NASA Bully-pulpit

NewsBusters reveals an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily on Monday that that billionaire Leftist George Soros’s foundations gave $720,000 in 2006 to James Hansen, the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who today blasts the Administration for “censorship” while promoting the leftist’s Globular Warming agenda.

The claims against anthropogenic global warming skeptics are often the same: they’re all shills for big oil or other industry wishing to poke holes in the ‘consensus theory’ of global warming (which isn’t a consensus at all).

$720,000 can buy a lot of carbon-offsets, if you believed in such nonsense, or a few “research” trips to Tahiti…
To quote NewsBusters:

As is typical, a global warming obsessed media don’t find this newsworthy. Think they’d be so disinterested if this smoking gun involved an oil company giving money to a Republican official?

While you ponder, forward to page 143 (emphasis added):
note: The Strategic Opportunities Fund includes grants related to Hurricane Katrina ($1,652,841); media policy ($1,060,000); and politicization of science ($720,000).

As an advocate of Scientific neutrality as essential to understanding information – bit-neutral information rather than political information which is propaganda no matter how you look at it, this exposes their interests and advocacy as a complete sham.
If anybody in the future wants to analyze the collapse of Civilization in the 20th Century, they can look to the Left’s destruction of Scientific intergrity as a beginning point.

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