Match tomorrow

Just prepping my gear – looks like I’ll be mixing in the PMC with some Winchester since I didn’t get around to reloading this weeek – the painters have been doing a job on the building.
Sunday is dad’s 83rd birthday – he’s in fine shape and I expect to see him to hit 100, if I manage to live that long.

UPDATE: Started out shooting Remington green-box from Wal-Mart.
Sighters – the first cold shot was a 10, then a 9, then an X, then another 10 and another 9.
Offhand I shot a 77 and picked upo an X.
Rapids – got an 84 in each.
Slow prone I changed ammo to the PMC and my first two shots were side-by-side 1/2-inch apart, but down in the 6-ring at 6-o’clock – so gave the elevation knob four clicks up and the next shot was a 10 at 9-o’clock, just off the X-ring. So the evidence was in, it’s slightly slower.
Overall – managed a 401-3x.

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