Yår, Šverige Ji-Hadibøømer mit Volvo

Good thing I dropped in on The Strata-Sphere to catch the latest on Europe’s decline. Evidently a couple of Swedish Jihadi-Meatballs were caught smuggling an giant IKEA-bomb in the Volvo down to Turkey…

Late Thursday, security authorities announced they had intercepted a van carrying up to 500 kilograms of explosives on the road to Ankara. The van, which was registered in Germany, had crossed into Turkey via the Kapikule border gate with Bulgaria.

They’re evidently intent on breaking their own record, a 300-kilogram (660lbs) bomb was found on Tuesday… Thanks, Volvo-Nation!

Reports say that four persons, including two Turkish nationals, were detained by security forces. It is believed that the van had traveled from Sweden.

My Grandpa’s ancestral homeland ain’t what it used to be, and the Minnesota Vikings may have to re-think their branding…

UPDATE: Sorry, Švenski should be Švenska, and actually without the cute little Viking horns over the “S” – but really that’s the Language – it actually should be Sverige – for Sweden… But I just like messin’ with it.

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