Say, Friend…Can You Spare a Vote?

Like pod-people in the Bodysnatchers, I’ve been sloowly assimilated by the Fredosphere – just waiting, wearing my tinfoil chapeau, for the next talking-points memo from Haliburton now… Fred08
George Will can kiss my ass, I read him in the 80’s and remained and unconvinced and still a weenie Democrat. A the height of Regan there was no big angelic conversion or revelation – he waxed way too-much about goddamn Steroidball, how’s that for Neuvo Diet-Rite.
Rudolphus Rex and Mittoumitsony are too damn ready and agreeable to compromise my rights with the “needs” of the anti-gunners – and with the Big-Machine-Politics by which my State is already run, naively expecting them to return the favor. Bah. Those are groups that over and over again do not indicate in any way that they are capable of anything more than take and tax, to support their own agenda. Compromise is something other people have to do with them.
Sign the Stand By The Mission Petition!
Meanwhile MoveGeorgeSorosOnward.Org, the scabrous and nasty old fecal-coated sponge that scratches George Soros’ flabby backside reveals the exact, true nature of their BigMachinePolitics – backstabbing and betrayal of the troops worthy of Brutus or Judas – blood on their hands for it. So if you havn’t done so already, go ahead and sign the Stand By The Mission Petition!
Ok, see ya later.

UP-F*NG-DATES: I messed around with the style=”float: left; padding: 8px; margin-right: 8px;” attributes of the pictures, to wrap the text – and I also changed the Victory Caucus blurb on the left to see if it was farging my linespacing.
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