The Roar of the Cannon

This was about as interesting as it got at Saturday’s match.

One of our older club-members built this 1/4″ copy of a small civil-war mortar as a golf-ball canon in the free-time he had while at Gunsmithing School up in Lassen.

The flash was bright but all I got was smoke.

I shot an X-offhand in the first stage and it went downhill from there on my way to a 360-1X. I guess it’s a matter of getting used to the new rifle, but my buddy the Distinguished shooter agreed that it was indeed a crappy day when he shot a disappointing (to him) 480-16X.
Given the heat and brightness there was a lot of mirage to contend with, and I’m more certain than ever that I need a more powerful spotting scope and a stand that doesn’t wobble around so much. The smaller caliber holes are more difficult to resolve at 200-yards with my old Meopta Hermes 70 spotter, which I was thankfully influenced by this article to buy. It’s a fantastic scope, but now I need more, and without resorting to Lasix, I need an 80mm objective. Slow prone wasn’t too terrible and I only threw one six out of the black, but it wasn’t enough to make-up for the lousy rapid stages. Oh well!

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