Victory Caucus

The Victory Caucus was relaunched a few weeks with a new site design, and now they need our help.

August and September are crucial months for the war effort, both on the ground in Iraq and here at home. In September — most likely right around September 11th — General Petreaus will deliver his report to Congress, and defeatists are doing everything in their power to discredit and dismiss the General’s findings before he even delivers them. At The Victory Caucus, we aim to ensure they fail, and that the American people get an accurate an honest understanding of the progress being made and the prospects for genuine victory.

Right now the key media battlefront is local, it’s in your town-district-state.

Sucks to be in a Blue Town, in a Blue gerrymandered District, in a Blue gerrymandered State run by the most feeble-minded, worthless, and callow Legislature in history on BOTH sides of the aisle.

Congressmen and Senators are back home during the August recess, and while they are there they need to hear from supporters of victory. If you haven’t done so already, try to find out if your Congressman (and Senators) are holding “town hall” meetings while they are home — or just try to reach them at their office.   (Yeh, just try – sorry I’ve been infected by Systemis Libtardis: Californicynicysticism)   Let them know how you feel: if they have been strong on the war, thank them   (Can’t think of a single one around here),   and if they haven’t — politely let them know you hope they’ll change their mind.

I’ve tried to let them know, and each and every time I am met with a kind of kindergartenish and Grade-School playgroundspeak. The rhetoric of “I Know Your Are But What Am I?” wherein they turn my statements upsidown and then agree with the opposite. It’s the aids and worker-bees of the Collectivist Hive, the special-needs and trust-fund minions working for the puppet-masters: Pelosi, Boxer, and Frankenfeinstein. Anyhow the Victory Caucus needs our help whatever it may be.

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