Run What Ya Brung – Blonds, Brunettes, and Redheads.

Since the UPS Fairy carrying brass, bullets, and dies in the Midway order has not yet arrived I went ammo buying. I settled on 55-grain bullets, who knows why? Oh yeh, the guys at Imbert’s recommended them – a box of 50 Black Hills remanufactured ammo (some kind of FMJ pills in Lake City ’05 brass).

As Practice approached and time stretching away into infinity, I got anxious and decided to buy more. Problems I heard about ammo-dryness had not fully comprehended until engaged intimately. There was none of that Black Hills to be found. So away I went, nibbling around here and there like a timid Gun-bunny. I avoided a patch of suspect Foreign Stuff in plain brown wrappers printed in a blotchy variation of Klingon.
In rising desperation I went to a Gun Haute-Boutiquerie and bought the upscale and spendy prom queen Federal Premiums — spendy, but with adorable little red-headed Nosler Ballistic Tips, like perky nipples, how cute!!
Having now spent moreon twenty than what fifty had cost a few weeks earlier, in a flash of Miserly Geniuzs I trucked myself over to Wal-Magoo. Someone at Wal-Magoo must be a Raiders fan (with a big Mercedes Benz hood-emblem around their neck), for all’s what was there was also Not-Cheap. But again who could resist the adorable little Silver and Black nipple-tips! They were cute little Winchester 55-grain beauties, and that’s what went downrange in Slow Prone. Uh-huh. Black-beauties, black rifle – maybe it’s a thang.
To begin the match as my five sighters and learn how to handle the new rifle, I started with the blonds first – the golden FMJ Black Hills bullets. I was somewhat disappointed when one shot just disappeared. New-rifle? I figured it was a miss…until the paster stuck a black square over the X in the center of the target. Hey! I just couldn’t see the hole (need a new scope?) and is this recollection a future premonition of events to come? cue Twilight-Zone music.
The Offhand stage was shot with ten of the perky little redheaded beauties, and wasn’t too bad, but with a lot of Sevens the prom queens were p’haps a little fussty.
For The Rapids I returned to the sleek, golden cougars of the Black Hills – the been-around-the-block-before-babes. Hey, they should be experienced with the stage’s particular male style “talent.” And they were, with a good bunch of sit-down Tens and Nines.
In the Fast Bellyflop I also used them to pick up an X, besides more Nines and Eights. It was all over in a flash – but they delivered at an affordable price in a stage where experience counted.
Slow prone was the hot and sweaty with the silver-tipped Ballistic-babydolls and four X’s. Still there were a bunch of Nines and Sevens too. I’m not as young as I once was…
I’m gonna have to work at the reloading-bench doing a lot of Press Curls and Brass Management to equal that performance.

That’s how the dance card played out.

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