Match Update

Unfortunately the pictures I took in Practice range from the boring to the mundane. If you want to see who made the upper and what the rifle looks like , follow that link. It’s pretty generic look, fulfilling the vanilla statutes of Service Rifle – but with that Wilson barrel it’s also damn heavy! I could see getting another, lighter and shorter upper for other events.
The day dawned bright and clear and hot – and I was sweating it out on station 14 in the first group. We had a lot of new shooters taking the introductory M1-Garand familiarization and manual-of-arms class, who would shoot later in Relay-2.

200-yards to go…
Some of the guys poke fun at my old, modified golf-cart arrangement, and I’m looking to get a proper stool on wheels – it’s just a matter of time…
After the final stage ended and I took a look a the score I couldn’t see why a good group would have two visible misses, so I went back to look at my target and called over one of the senior club guys and asked him if he thought that the slightly elongated X in the center was a double, and he said, “Definitely!” So that was one missed shot resolved.

1-3/4″ inch center…

I asked my neighboring shooter to take a look at his target, and there amid the .30-caliber holes was one, little, perfect .22 hole smack-dab in the middle of the X. Some vindication for the lost shot, I did it on purpose!
The guy who brought this unit had a fun shoot but was done quickly. He was low in the rapids and chewing up the target frame (bad boy!), I think in the slow stage it was just too hard to aim accurately without firing quickly!

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