I think I’m Gonna Like it Here — Range Report.

On a hot sunny day with temps in the 90’s and new rifle that I’d never shot before, of a type I’d only fired three or four times from a bench, I shot a 396-5x across-the-course.
The boring part: A Ten, a Nine, and seven Sevens in Offhand – with two Fives. A couple Tens, five Nines, some Eights and a Seven in Rapid Seated. An X, and three each: Nines, Eights and Sevens in Rapid Prone. Four X’s, six Nines, an Eight and six Sevens with three Sixes in Slow Prone. I tried to take my time and breathe carefully, staying on the front post.
Should have been a 406-6x, but one of those beautiful and carefully sighted-in X’s, the most beautiful of all for being dead-smack-in-the-X-crossbars’-center, went onto my neighbor’s target… Sheesh. Goober!! But not bad for never firing this thing before. There are adjustments to make. Pictures to come.

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