Watching Le Tube last night there was some muffled mention of a stock rally, with bell-ringing money-happiness on Wall Street and indecipherable econobabble. That euphoria was quickly followed by a cold TV Negativecaster splashing a dour pronouncement of, “Let’s not be too quick or happy, the down Housing Market will sink it all and we’ll drown in the arctic waters of overseas imports” – or some such doom-and-gloom crap. Is that all the idiot-box is good for anymore – The Big Downer delivered yet again by sour-faced Charlie Gibson? Bah.
This morning I was induced to follow another lead via the Incredible Monsterpundit Instapoodle to a second source:

2004 – $413 billion
2005 – $318 billion
2006 – $248 billion
2007 – $205 billion

There you go folks, like a hemorrhoid slathered with Preparation H, the deficit is shrinking. But would you know that from the flappy mouthpieces of Taxation? The New York Sun reports:

The New York Times’s Paul Krugman, in December, wrote that President Bush “plunged the budget deep into deficit by cutting taxes on dividends and capital gains even as he took the country into a disastrous war.”
Senator Clinton went to the Senate floor in February of this year to speak of the “fiscal recklessness” of the Bush administration, which she charged had contributed to “record deficits.”
In March, Senator Schumer, who is now the chairman of Congress’s Joint Economic Committee, spoke of “budget excesses of the past six years” that have brought us “a mounting debt to the rest of the world.”

Liars. No wonder the Democrats want to regain control and capture in taxes the “excessive” wealth currently being made. They know that what’s up economically will float their leaky boatfull of Socialist agenda and Pork on a sea of taxes – they want their healthcare disaster to drown us. Bah.

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