Goin’ Commercial, or Stickin’ it to the Man?

I was invited by a flattering email to review a History Channel DVD of their “Tales of the Gun” series, and add a link here for my readers to access them. I had to think about that because there’s no other commercial content here – and that’s partly because there have been no offers. I’m not anti-Capitalist and some time back I considered going with Blogger’s random advertising but dismissed it because it was random, although it would be nice to show a profit, however marginal, from these musings and ramblings – I don’t even have a bleg button to my Pay-Pal account.
We don’t have Cable TV, so my only occasion to watch the History Channel has been while on vacation. Growing up our family never had it, hell, my parents had black-and-white TV into the 80’s. I missed-out entirely on the whole MTV thing when it erupted. The excess cost versus the additional programming that interested me has never worked out in any cost-benefit analysis, since there’s no a-la carte menu available. Finally the fact that we don’t have Cable may seem odd to those who know I used to work at designing the look-and-feel and building the User Interface for an on-screen television product that has become prominent in Cable usage – at least I think it has. So anyhow, that’s my TV life for what it’s worth.
Looking at the DVD choices it’s clear to me that some distinct gaps in the canon of literature exist, and that the Series should continue to fill in those lapses – and I hope it does. So we’ll see…

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