Happy Father’s Day All You Pops

My wife and I went over to see the Folks yesterday, bringing with some us a small selection of exotic ice creams for my Dad and some cookies. It was a nice visit in the shade on a warm afternoon, and my Dad enjoyed the Father’s Day card that had a picture of some Buddhist monks with upraised arms and excited faces, yelling with glee on a roller-coaster’s descent. Buddhists generally don’t have a problem with taking themselves too seriously, at least not the enlightened ones. We talked about stuff and I talked about some projects and helping clear out their garage, talked them into letting me have the old 10-inch band-saw. Dad got it back when he was in High School – so it’s made back when they, “Made ’em like that, anymore.” It’s got a cast-iron base and fittings, the bearings are in good shape and spin true – it just needs a bath and a haircut.

Today Dad helped me get it out of the garage into the truck, while in turn I put his bicycle in the back and took him to a Dental appointment a few miles down the road. He’s gonna ride his bike back home – he’s 82 and in great shape, he used to be on the Annapolis Crew Team, Class of ’49… Now it’s in my garage and getting prepped for a bit of TLC.

Grandpa had had it for a while and re-wired it with thick, fabric, electrical tape, and it looks like I’ll have to re-wire it to restore it to safe-operating condition. Heat-shrink tubing and the soldering iron will be put to work. The motor’s a 1/3rd HP job and has a wire brush and an extra chuck on it – but the bench has gotta go. I’ll bolt it to a base that can slide off the table and drop onto one of my rolling cabinets, and wire it up with a safety-switch. That and some vacuuming out and a wash-down with cleaner – maybe even a fresh coat of paint. I wonder what the model and serial-number is? Dad was in High School in the mid ’40’s.
UPDATE: Appears to be a model 103 (since that is a number cast into various and numerous parts of it) which Dad outfitted with a rather fierce blade-guard.

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