All Your Disinformations Are Belong to Us

I just had to grab this and use it, but without him holding a white-flag it requires some memory of recent events – for which many seem to have a peculiar kind of amnesia.
Read the whole thing with comments and you’ll see what gives, or don’t bother and correctly assume the usual blithering attackdogs are at it, chewing up the rug and attempting to unweave the fabric of reality. What’s good is this:

I had always felt Harry Reid was the kind of vanilla-flavored parasite that a political system like ours inevitably mass produces. In other words, I didn’t think his presence was any big deal. We’ve seen his type come and go with regularity the past 200 years. What’s amazing and sad is that in such consequential times, a lightweight like Reid is making an impact. He may well be remembered as the most contemptible and least honest public servant to come down the pike in a generation.

To which I ask, what can you expect of a politician from Vegas? Exactly this, and it shows.

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