66 + 79 + 91-1x + 180 = 416 – 1X

Got the 1-X in Rapid Prone, also my best result with a 91 – overall not quite as good as last year but not bad for no practice in three months! I threw a couple flyers; the eight I circled, and a Seven down at 7:00 o’clock out of the picture.

The day was bright and sunny, the hills dry and brown, the line full with competitors from our club the Zouaves, and the Santa Clara Club to see who would take home the Trophy.

Since David switched sides and Wes shot a few sevens, they did. One guy brought a 1916 in CA-Legal semi-auto to play with afterwards – that was bitchin’ cool, though belts are CA-limited to ten-links at a time.

He hit the 200-yard gong with the first two shots but the recoil forced him off after that – they have pretty sucky target sights (like NONE!) since that’s not their intended purpose.
From the Garage sale we still have the fins and the purple Vanson motorcycle-chick jacket, but we sold the rug and table which was the main event. My sister eventually sold most of her stuff, after getting us to help unload and then totally disappearing – though she ended the day with some extra drama and now an ex-boyfriend. I wish to hell and pray that some day finally she’ll get a serious clue and make better choices. It’s not cool to be a 50-something “follow-your-heart & flower-power” and yet again, always still bumping up against the slime-a-zoids and assholian creeps.

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