I hear the light pitter-pat of rain and the morning sky is gray, today will be good for mud and tape.

I finished getting all the shelving down yesterday afternoon, leaving many holes and dents.
Saturday we went shopping and found a One-Day sale on some “Gladiator” storage stuff at Sears, and with permission I bought with frenzy like a shark.
We have always tried to make-do and economize because we’re not affluent and money has always been tight – but now we thought to put a little of the money from an intended Kitchen re-model to this purpose. We’re gonna be stylin’! Some of the boxes are still on-order, and I have to make decisions about ordering others.
Yesterday in full AR-mode (and not the rifle) I made an Excel spreadsheet of costs and estimates – now we have a Project Budget. Since the space is only eleven-feet wide by nineteen feet long I’m limited and can’t fill it up with too much – that’s a natural restriction.

Sunday we had sorted through the crap and developed a Pile-System: One pile to Goodwill, another to the Dumpster, an third to keep and decide later. We had to clear a path to the Craftsman bench on the back-wall that had been my center of activity and focus – I was giving it to a buddy, along with a French bistro table we thought his his wife would enjoy. Sure take it!

A load went to Goodwill – anything I had not touched in over three-years had to be re-evaluated. Some of the big travel bins swallowed-up dirtbike gear and camping equipment – I have accumulated way too much crap and it makes me stumble where I go.
There’s still a bunch of things poking out of the ceiling and patching to be done. Wires need to be cleaned up and wiring-holes covered with a box. New lighting figured-out. No more extension-cords draped across the ceiling through eye-hooks, I’m gonna run some hard conduit up there – it was never even done right in the first place and I’ll bring it up to spec.

Outside the rain taps in the bottom of the downspout. This year’s Buy-A-Gun day might turn out to be Buy-A-Garage Day…

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