Hegemonic EcoLeftists

In his “Death To Heretics” post Hegemonic Pundit warns of the nature of pseudo-scientific “consensus” just as villagers with pitchforks and torches rally at the castle walls of Civilization.

Religious fervor, gross error, and political zealotry all add up to one thing: danger. For believers, global warming is one of those issues which transcends scrutiny. All opposition is to be swept away, shouted down, shunned, demonized, and suppressed. Scientists who disagree with ‘the consensus’ might as well look for another job.

Like most cargo-cults, Globular Warmingists has as it’s ritual the ornamentation, the look of something but without that thing’s complex internal operation and function. It is Science Quack with the feathers and the call, but the duck doesn’t walk or fly or do duck things.
Leftism is consensus driven, and the Left has proven time and again with History repeating, that they will kill whomever disagrees until a consensus is reached. From Stalin to Mao and from Che Guevara to Pol-Pot, it is a demand of the Collective, an imperative that must be obeyed – and it’s hardly how Science operates.
To advance The Cause in the past the Left typically took to robbing banks where the stupid, unenlightened, “Not-Reality-Based” Petty Bourgeoisie store their ill-gotten Gaia-raping hordes of money. But in this modern age of leveraged buy-outs and sophisticated financial instruments and investment opportunities, to advance the pseudo-Scientific Religion they have created another funding method.
Much like the cargo-cult Scientism that drapes the shroud of Globulistical Warmillusion, the clever but economically ignorant True Green-Believers have created ecoCargonomics. It’s a kind of freelance, pyramidical, undocumented, laissez-faire off-shoot of accounting.
Following religious doctrine and now available for purchase are Carbon-Offset Eco-Credits. Greendulgent Carbon Offsets are new financial instruments, purchasable through Generation Investment Management, a purveyor of fine-feelings and smug assurances for the Eco-Faithful who must not be overly inconvenienced in their Eco-Buying Power.
This is an instrument of Faith as well as (pseudo)Science and (pseudo)Economics – it is an investment in the Future. Do it for the Children.
The Leadership leads the flock to prayer and to shearing – the insturment is a pair of scissors. Al Gore not only uses 20 time more power than the average American household at his 20-room, eight-bathroom home in Nashville, to offset his gargantuan carbon footprint he also buys his massive offsets from Generation Investment Management. Conveniently and as the popular financial strategy goes, “Pay Yourself First,” to prove his Faith he is not only a consumer of this specially Eco-tailored line of investment instruments, he is also the Chairman of Generation Investment Management. It is, as Al Gore himself says, “a remarkable area of innovation“… In the old days people made graven images of Baal and Mammon, maybe those are the Wall Street symbols of bull and bear today. Whatever the case, Mammon (and Caesar) are still to be served.
In closing Hegemonic Pundit says,

Offending the gods is not a new concept either. This is the basic argument of global warming advocates. We have offended the gods and they now demand a sacrifice.

Or as the freelance-Socialist mugger on the street might also say, “Your economy or your life.”

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