Juniors Program

We had a really big turnout Saturday morning with the kids, with enough to run two full relays – and one Boy-Scout Troop even called and canceled! It was a mixed group of ages and sexes. One little girl in the 2nd Relay had done it before and helped spot targets for the group on the line.

If they hadn’t it would have been bedlam, as it was we did the safety intro, staged them to their targets, ran it off – and were done by 12:30. The Second Relay of kids was very patient, but I’m sure it was hard on the kids to have to sit and wait. It’s been a while since I was Eleven or even Eight, but I remember often being told to wait quietly for my turn, and kicking my feet in the dust with anticipation and impatience.
The parents in attendance were very supportive, but some were non-shooters and didn’t really know what to tell their youngsters in assistance – but the kids shot well as always and with their young eyes were putting .22 holes in those tiny targets.

Afterwards when most everybody was gone some Club members lingered to practice and I got out the Carbine to sight it in on the 200-yard gongs. With the assistance of another shooter I found my impromptu settings way off. First I had to wind-down the elevation quite a bit, and then adjusted the windage.

Here’s the Aimpoint 9000SC with the 4MOA dot and the windage turret off.

Once that was done I was consistently able to pull the trigger and bang the gong on either side of the targets.
Having the carbine set-up I turned attention to the ’43 Colt and loaded a couple magazines. After a few unsupported shots I went to the sandbags and rested, and with a second magazine managed to start dropping in on the gong also, so my worries about its windage was unfounded!

Woo-hoo! An excellent Saturday! Drove home and met my wife who had just returned from a “Spa-Day” with one of her longtime un-visited best-buddies. We were both famished and went out for Mexican food at a great little nearby restaurant, Fiesta Del Mar Too and enjoyed a Margarita made with Partida Añjeo (since they were out of the Espolon).

UPDATE: Oh yeh, Uh – don’t be too jealous about the Carbine, the trigger is so gritty it’s like having a four-stage break! I’m getting a muscle in my index finger from just pulling on it. I need to do something about it but I’m not sure what, and what I think might work I haven’t yet tried… As for the Tequila, life’s too short for anything but the real-deal blue-agave – stay away from the nasty carmel-colored flavored grain-alcohol crapola like Cuervo Gold! Blecch-yaaarg!

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