Mitt Romnic meet Ruduvan Giulizumbo – the People’s Politburo of Conserbo-Toatia

Xavier alerts us to the truth about Romney.
“I support an assault weapon ban and that’s why I signed a bill of that nature…”

This puts him on my PAWB list: Pandering Assault Weapon Banners.
As far as I can tell Romney isn’t any more a conservative than Rudy Giulizumbo. Both are slick, Big-City/East Coast elitists who only look conservative from the hazy bongwater perspective of the even more Leftoid East Coast Big City population of Anarcho-Socialists and Green Welfare-staters.
Mitt and Rudy are both ready to shred the 2nd Amendment if it gets them a crossover vote.
See, I learned something from the Zumbotrocity. I learned who’s who.

UPDATE: “It would depend on what it looks like” – HELLO-HELLO?!? That’s precisely what’s freaking WRONG with EVERY aspect of it and of your judgment – it’s an entirely looks-based and favoritism oriented. Thank-you Mr. Prom King.

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