Practicing a Perishable Skill

After more than two months out-of-it for various reasons including illness, death, more illness, and nasty-bad weather, I finally got back out to a Club Practice-Match.

It was a fine and clear morning and I wound up putting my gear and spotting-scope on position 9 and pointing my digital camera downrange through the scope. 200-yards distant in the center of the range was my fuzzy little target-figment. I had my handloads all ready to go, and go they went!
Improvements were seen in Offhand and The Rapid stages where previously I had sprayed shots in generosity and dropped many points. Today I was getting groups – not great and tight ones but groups nonetheless and a 2nd personal-best Offhand, 81 with an X.

rapid prone
But as the day progressed and fatigue wore on I slumped – not sure of the exact scores, but something stupid like a 351-2x I think. Still the loads seem to show an improverment.

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