Wet and Dreary and Smeary

It’s wet and rainy and cold. You can just make-out the pink from the plum-blossoms that burst open during the mini Globular-Warmering heat-event a week ago. Over the weekend it chilled and dumped, we even got snow up on Hamilton and Skyline. Today would be a great day to take the KTM down to Hollister and just let her rip for a while – I haven’t been out on her since I fixed the stator and she loves the rain.

During the Cowbell Enduro up at Upper Lake it rained heavily and we got soaked terribly (probably contributing to the stator-expiration factor), and we houred-out – but she ran like a long-legged champ through the slop and applesauce mud on the way back to camp, and only dumped me a few times in the slippery rocks. With her light weight and horses she get’s up on top of the mud and goes, the long-wheelbase helps to prevent 360° spin-outs.

Meanwhile I have chores to do, and sitting in front of me are fundraising appeals to support the Gun Owners of California and and the California Rifle and Pistol Association. I’m a life-member of the CRPA so they expect me to do my duty, the GOC is more of an ongoing ad-hoc request and because I have supported them in the past. We used to have an active NRA Member’s Council with a big yearly fundraising banquet and other stuff – but seems to have dissolved in this locality’s sea of Leftwing tidey-bowl blue. I have a couple of those “Sponsor” statues that are given-out, but during this current period of disemployment and financial instability I had to curtail my giving-level.
I don’t believe I caused them to collapse because there are a lot of hunters around here, guys with all the gear – the big trucks and RV’s and stuff, and the gun-shops that remain hereabouts have a big inventory of hunting-rifles. It makes me wonder about all the Leftards who belabor the NRA as some kind of right-wing partisan gorilla – I only wish that it were true because they have a few of their own, like the Sierra Club and The Center for Biological Diversity (an oxymoronic name if there ever was one).
With with all the disappointing flim-flam recently between hunters and shooters what is left revealed to me is this. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t mean the same thing to many of them, so long as they get theirs. Some so-called gun-experts really don’t even appear to know the difference between an assault-rifle and the phony made-up Brady-Bunch term “assault weapon” – and others don’t seem to know that a .270 can zip through armor. About all I have left to say reflects the dismal wretchedness of the weather outside, Welcome to California!
Come here you mighty (and wealthy) hunters and hunt where those nasty-ugly black-rifles are outlawed – and so are Saturday-night specials! Nope, nobody down in Compton or over at Hunter’s Point, in South-Central or Oaktown has those nasty-ugly cheap-o guns anymore because they’re illegal! You have nothing to fear, really, it’s ok! Don’t worry about a thing, after we ban lead-ammo you can still shoot your stuff with those fancy copper-solids, and the microstamping on the bullets is a benefit, it’s there to help to identify which deer is really yours! No more arguments, really! And you won’t need to handload either since factory ammo is so precise nowdays – as long as you like the one or two calibers we let you shoot. Really, it’s gonna be fine! And since this is a High-Technology and Hollywood-effects State, you’ll love your new hobby when it all goes all-digital too – it’ll be just like being there – widescreen and all – but without the discomfort of actually gettin’ out of your loungers!!
Thank you for your support.

UPDATE: As an adjunct here’s an Premier-Grade Excellent post by David Hardy at Of Arms and the Law, titled Falling for False Flag Operations, that describes the lengths and twist to which The Others are already spinning the affair.

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