Warts and Blemishes – a Scale of Values

I was a bit disappointed by the pictures (in the Monday post) below, mainly because the bottom one is harsh and flat and it’s difficult to determine the details, and because I also didn’t make them “clickable” into larger images.
Yesterday afternoon a fine light was coming in the window and I was responding to a post on the CSP M1 Carbine message board about a bayonet, and seeing that my bayo pictures had the same bad, flat light decided to try a re-shoot. First-up the Aerial Cutlery Co. bayonet:

You can see the blade detail and it isn’t that pretty, I’m wondering where to find a scale against which to grade the bayonet’s surface finish, 0-to-10 – poor-to-best. As it is I rate it around a 4, which is ok with me – but maybe it’s not even that good either.
UPDATE QUESTION: What’s the best method for cleaning this up while not screwing the blade’s parkerizing?

As for the old 1911A1 it’s got even more warts, at least on the right side:

You can see the thumbprint and the smudge and the drip-line – either somebody messed up trying to re-finish it or somebody messed-up while shooting it.

I can’t tell if it’s been re-parkerized or not, but one of the tell-tale’s is the Colt Verified Proof mark, a little VP stamp in the triggerguard which appears pretty indistinguishable and filled-in. Also the inspector’s mark, GHD (for Guy H. Drewry, Brig. Gen. of Springfield Ordnance District) is filled-in and it should be bright since it was suposed to have been struck following finishing. (Clawson, 3rd Ed. p.103)

Anyhow that’s what I came-up with.


Here’s the view from above with the drip-line running from the forward part of the ejection port down the left side to the muzzle – all the smudges and stuff connect together, so I think Hammer is right in his comment.
Also in this view you can see the wide-spur short hammer, and both the slide-stop and thumb-safety checkering, and the small rear sight. All the small parts on this unit are “correct” for the serial numbering and sequence, of around February 1943. Hey, Happy 64th Birthday!! 🙂

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