For Whom to Vote?

Got my NRA ballot in the magazine American Rifleman and Bitter recommends the marvelous Sandy Froman – who is a natural and I agree. She’s a local gal (or was to me) who is now in Arizona like many refugees from the People’s Republic of Ca-Left-ornia – but she knows the nature of the Beast here and what (and with whom) The Fight for the 2nd Amendment is all about. She’s a Stanford and Harvard Law graduate so she’s smart as hell and also knows how to fight The Fight in the Halls of Power – plus she collects machine-guns!! Woo!
Her husband was a cop and a competitive shooter who passed away from a blood-clot aneurysm-thing, and Bitter relates her very effective insights and the fight during the sunset of the AWB.

I don’t know how many of you watched the various debates in the media during the time of the sunset of the AWB. If you did, you may have seen Sandy. If you actually listened to the debates, you would notice that she used it as a credential to our advantage. See, they could bring on the politically appointed police chiefs of the big cities to talk about the law enforcement perspective, but Sandy shot back by prefacing her argument with, “As a law enforcement widow…” I wish I had captured the debate I was watching on tape. They couldn’t come after her anymore as law enforcement’s foe. If she had just gotten up and said she knew rank and file cops didn’t support this, they would have argued with her until the end of the segment. But as a law enforcement widow, they couldn’t. My response was simple. “Damn. She’s good.” (my additional emphasis)

Ok so we’ve got that one nailed-down, and David Hardy Of Arms and the Law includes Carol Bambery (webpage here) as another stellar representative.
So who else?
There’s celebrities and congressmen – The Nuge, and Senator Larry Pratt (good to have a seat at the table, in the Halls of Power), Rep. Curtis Jenkins who authored the first law in the Nation prohibiting frivolous lawsuits against firearms manufacturers (yeah!), and book-author/memoir writer H. Joaquin Jackson of “One Ranger” – who seems like just a totally for-real type dude, and then there’s Oliver North – but is it just a popularity contest? Who is most effective in The Fight, and for whom would this be a reward – an act of career-recognition? I want kickass fighters at the table in the Halls of Power.

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