Global Warmering

We have a little pond outside our balcony upon which this morning were some interesting ice-formations. We don’t usually get this kind of ice-producing cold that we’ve been experiencing lately, all due to global warming.

Still I prefer the impending climate of Hawaiian-proportions that we are told by His Majestic Scientific Eminence AlGore is rapidly approaching, Praise Be to Him for the Internet which He invented.

It does get cold here and usually during these months of January and February, and in the past few years we’ve had snow on both mountain ranges to either side of Silicon Valley – but we should be back to the mid 70’s soon enough. I remember it snowed once when I was a kid some forty-plus years ago – just as expertly predicted by the guys writing books about the coming Ice Age. They sure rode that wave of scientific triumph and certitude all the way to the bank.

I’m sure that soft tropical breezes will be blowing-in at any moment, and with them the scent of gardenias and plumeria will fill the garden. Ripe bananas will become the export crop of the future as we paddle environmentally sensitive hemp-bark canoes from islet to islet in the Great California Archipelago, trading our holistic wares of friendship-beads and chanting the friendly kum-ba-jah of Oil-Freedom that Bob Marley sang about. Jah Ire and pass the dutchie mon, Science be kind to you.
“I’m ready for my Luau now, Mr. Algore…”

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