South Park Pundit reports on a New Year’s resolution to go boar hunting on the California Central Coast. That brought back a vivid reminder of something we saw out in the Islands a couple years back.
As we drove along the twisty and damp little Hana Highway, on our way to Mosquito Heaven, I saw two fourwheel-drive pickup-trucks pulled off to the side in a muddy corner. A rutted, jungle-mountain muddy dirt track came steeply down to meet the main road and was closed-off by a locked gate.
One guy had a rifle slung over his shoulder – they were hunters who had stopped to unlock and open the gate to their muddy track.
We had pulled off to the side of the very narrow, incredibly scenic road to let several following cars of gawking tourist-traffic drive past, and while I noticed that they were hunters, something else caught my eye – the gaping maw of a huge pig on the back of the lead truck.
The body was lying on a plywood sheet, across a the top of a big cage in which smaller, yapping heads of very excited and happy dogs poked-up. The other truck had dogs as well but no game.
I yelled, “Wow! Nice pig!” and asked, “What didja shoot ’em with?” And one of the guys called back, “A .270!” They were hurrying to get off the popular tourist road and up the private one, so I took a quick picture and that’s what it looked like…
click pic to enlarge
UPDATE: some edits to text, and a better closeup of the beast.

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