394-1X Seven-sevens

Ok so I suck. All that load-workup drama and then this – at least the brass tended to pile itself up in one general location more than before, which seems credible since I sorted out all the same headspace-stuff.
73 Offhand (done better and worse) , 83 Rapid-sitting (that’s better), 78 Rapid-prone (mostly done better), 160 Prone – below my average. At lest I only tossed one Six out there.
One of those sixes in the upper left was a .223 shot from my neighbor, meanwhile I collected on aggregate the most sevens. Some reloading manuals suggest 48-grains, some suggest the 168gr. HPBT – but I have a dirty little secret, maybe I should clean the barrel more often.

Anyhow the clubhouse looks groovy.
UPDATE: Well, obviously it’s really not any kind of “Clubhouse” — it’s a shed where we store crap: targets, target-backers, and stuff.

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