The Rail

I got the rail for the Carbine.

You can see where the mount clamps, it’s forward – you’re supposed to leave a gap fore and aft so it doesn’t bind on the barrel-band or on the receiver.

The clamping system is a lot like the hand-guards that clamps to the handlebar of my KTM off-road bike.

The rail installed pretty good.

I used the steel-ruler to check and insure it wasn’t touching at either end by using it as a shim, and then to insure it was evenly rotated side-to-side with the same gap between the wood. While tightening the four screws it was necessary to maintain the same relative gaps-to-metal. A feeler-gauge might have helped.
I took it in and out of the stock several times checking clearances also before a final tightening.

Looks ok to me…Gotta figure out what-height rings work. Regarding ring-height, in an email reply the Ultimak guy said, “When mounting to the Carbine, the motto is ALAP (As Low As Possible).” So far I’m happily impressed with their customer service.

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