Shoulder Comparator

The question is, how much does shoulder dimension affect accuracy?

I’m running the decapped brass through a Stony Point Comparator and separating them based on a wide variety of readings, from 2.043 to 2.051 – with many so-far at 2.047-8 and another group at .045 — and boy is it tedious.
Maybe I should just separate them by weight.
Man, I have the most boring hobby sometimes…


Ok here’s the deal, according to my abusive dial-measuring technique: in the blue box on the left they’re all 2.045 (quite a few) and in the blue box on the right they’re all 2.043 (second spike on the curve) and the ones in rows on the loading blocks are each a line different starting at 2.040 at the top and going to 2.050 at the bottom of the picture. A few are off-the-chart like the one in the comparator in the center at 2.036 that’s the same as the other one off the block at the top of the pic. Also there’s another grouping in the row at 2.046 and a larger group at 2.047 – it’s just weird I guess, the way they’re spread across a curve with two “plateau” points.
I’m going with the plateaus when I load.

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