RCBS Mystery Achievement

Among the things I got with the press when I set-up the reloading bench was this. I have no idea what or how it operates, I don’t believe it’s for a rifle cartridge and the green box has no label or indicator.

I arranged it in a couple different ways.

The spring loaded whatchamajigger can pass through the center unless you snap in the shell-holder or anvil or whatever it is.

It could be some kind of…crimp-remover?

I’m needing a clue here. The threads allow it to go in topsides, and the shell-holder notch will accept whatever shell-holder so the brass would hang upsidown? Then you can put the anvil on the ram…for what? Must be some kind of goofy hand-gun thing. 😉
UPDATE: I’m a dumbass but I think I got it figured out (finally).

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