Carbine Match

We shot the Mike Campbell Memorial Carbine Match on Saturday. About twenty guys showed up and blasted away in two stages from the 50-yard line. We shot sighters then got seriouys: ten rapid (90 seconds) from prone. Then twenty rapid seated, in two ten-shot/90 second strings. Most guys finished with 30-seconds to spare! Then twenty rapid standing, in two ten-shot/90 second strings. I shot a 490-15x — Jeebus I like shooting the 200-yard targets at 50-yards! Heh. Dammit I was 11th. My buddy the Expert cleaned it. He kept everything inside the ten-ring, and so the made him do it again with the second stage of guys and he got tired and dropped one into the Nine for a 499 – I forget how many damn X’s he got… Next year we’ll probably shoot it on the 100-yard line instead of the 50 to make the scoring lower.
I came away favorably impressed with the 50-yard accuracy of the little guns, I mean I put 15 shots into a 3-inch circle.
The bottom pasters are where my sighter went before I got out the spotting scope, I was holding on the 9-ring bottom, with the sight set as forward as possible, believing that they would shoot high at such close range. I was wrong. So I held on the center for the rest of the shooting.

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