Me damn Trrrruck still be in ye shop with its damned Computerrrr befouled, and there’s a heap of Laundrrrry to be doin’ wit’ all the bedsheets to be warrshed! Avast and blow the Milk in the Frrrridge is expirrred too, so I’ll have to rrrride my damn bicycle to the Safeway…
So, what kind of gun would a salty sea dog carry besides a Carrrbine? It’s a lot like a cutlass, short and to the point. Maybe I can find some betterrrr magazines. The ProMag crrrap I have be sucky and each and everrrry time exhibit a last-rrrround FTF. The wee dimples on the rrrear of the magazine that catch and seat the magazine in place are noticeably smallerrrr and less prrronounced than my good-old orrriginal GI mag. Maybe I can bend the feed-lips?

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