Shiny Stuff Accurate Measurements

I’m prepping for a match this weekend and full-length re-sizing twice-shot cases. To check them I have a Stony Point Cartridge Headspace Gauge. This works with or without the bullets seated, since the .30-06 case headspaces on the shoulder that’s what needs to be measured. The shoulders line right up at the same mark each time, with shot cases running short. Re-sizing to full length gets the shoulder back up where it belongs, but then the case is measuring out to 2.502+/- when it should be 2.494 so I have to trim the brass a smidge.

I’m going to use the load that worked so well for me before, the 150-grain spirepoints (center), with 46 grains of H4895.
The Square Green Thing: I got bored smearing on the Imperial Re-Sizing Wax and simultaneously was about to throw out the old case-lube pad when I noticed it was damp with soaked-in lube. In the past I had dinged up every case-neck I tried with an overdose of spray-on lube, but I thought maybe now my finesse had improved so I decided to give it another go.
It’s working better than before, possibly due to the dies now being burnished and broken-in they’re less dry and grabby, and also I’m just rolling the cases back and forth a couple time across the pad surface, instead of deluging them in spray-lube. Laziness of finesse, or whatever.

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