Taliban Terrorists use Women and Children as Human Shields

I’m just going to copy his material and link to this British report, which I got from The Religion of Peace?  ignore the corpses behind the green curtain   site:

The Religion of Peace as demonstrated by the Taliban has such a contempt for women that one wonders what possible attraction it would have for any woman. The latest example of the value placed on women is a report by British troops in Afghanistan describing how women and children are used to shield Taliban fighters. While the world wrings its hands over Haditha the Taliban routinely shoves women and children into the front of the firelight. You can be sure that if one “civilian” is killed by coalition troops the Islamist will squawk to the western media as if they themselves have never sullied the name of the Religion of Peace by hiding behind women and children.

Details from the Times Online site:

The tactics were revealed in the first account by those who fought in one of the main battles faced by the men of 3 Para and the Royal Gurkha Rifles in Helmand province, where 3,300 British troops are stationed.
“It happened twice where they pushed women and children in front of them. The first time they ran into a compound and pushed them out the front to stop the assault,” said Corporal Quintin Poll, 29, from Norfolk.
The second time they were firing through a building with women and children inside. My guys had to go around the left and right to get them.”

The hearts and minds of the Afghan people are lost to the Taliban. They cannot after such desperate measures do more than become a thorn in the side of the emerging civilization in the region.
If the western press could let go of its loathing of western society and acknowledge the contrast of British soldiers working get around the human shields to get at the beasts hiding behind them, we may get results even more quickly than we are.

Some religion that they got there to inspire such behavior…

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