Holographic Holeocentric Displacement Inductions

It has come to my attention by advise, insinuation, or even a moment of clarity that the photographic evidence of distant paper displacement, in small .30-caliber units is not the most exciting pursuit-process, nonetheless and without too much else that is evidentiary besides a hunch, here is another example of a small artistic grouping.

Measurements were taken in the traditional method and displacement factors applied.

In the physiological study, one of the control-factors was the quantification of Caffeine Intake (CI) which had previously been measured in Pots-emptied (Pi+), but on this occasion was simply measured in cups-consumed (Cc). Normally mass-intake in large volumes is a required Awakening-factor (AF), since Matches are held at a considerable Driving-distance (Dd) and at an early hour (+AM), requiring an even earlier Alarm-Point (AP) – which on a Saturday Morning following an active Friday Night is typically a laborious stress-inducer.
By reducing the CI substantially an interesting phenomenon was observed in the offhand stage, which was a much greater degree of Aim-Stabilization-series (Ass) and increased Wobble-angle-dissipation (Wad), with the results measured at a factor of 81-holorific inductions into the paper-material, the highest yet measured by this subject and with a greater concentration in the black-colored region.
In examining the physiological responses of the following rapid-seated exercise, the subject additionally consumed four orange-slices and continued carbohydrate-loading with a half-bag of potato-chips – a dietary exercise not normally associated with this Breakfast-period time-slot. Some evidence suggests that the resultant increase in score-factor was derived from the calming effects of the carbohydrate material, as was measured with the distinction of two X’s and with a numerical value of 80.
Having the chip-fuels removed en-scene, the subsequent rapid-prone exercise was less appointing, dropping from a one-time peak of 81 to a 78 valuation – not a terribly bad figure and showing a willingness to work, but improvement can and has been made here.
Finally the exercise moved to the last, slow stage, and with maximum exposure to the full Solar-factor and temperature increase in the upper 80-Farenheit range the subject fortified his position by increasing his H20 intake and the remaining orange slices. With the clock ticking and under increased temperature-levels, many of the co-respondents acted quickly to consume their paper-punching vehicles and exit the scene of activity for the shade of the neighboring canopies, yet this subject remained at a pace to exhaust the entire time-interval available.
This slow and methodical strategy was rewarded with a higher level of Holographic attainment than was previously seen, including a greater holocentric concentration at the epicenter, with four X’s and multiple duplicate strike-zones concentrated int he balck region, for a total measurement factor of 85% and numbering 170.
Since this is an unofficial monograph, the exact and Official pronouncement will have to wait for publication of the peer-reviewed scores.

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