The Cook, The Dies, His Brass, and the Powder

There’s really only one recipe for the Carbine when shot from the Carbine, with the spice choices limited to salt or pepper: a 110-grain round-nose or a 110-grain FMJ. No vanilla or saffron here, no exotic bouillabaisse coctktail.
A friend from the Club with too much stuff and too many interests to pursue sold me his Carbine dies, powder, brass, and bullets. Now I have a 3-die bullet set to learn, and with it taper-crimping – this is new territory, change is good. Ok, fine whatever.
In my Sierra manual H110 powder is shown over other powder choices as both the accuracy load and the hunting load – but I’m only interested in the accuracy part. I have about half a pound but the requirements are small, tiny even – 13.8 grains.

More on this later as development proceeds. There’s a Match tomorrow and the weather looks fine – hot, dry, and brown already but that’s they way it is here.

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