Ban Attempt Defeated

Why is it that social libertines who “Speak Truth to Power,” “Fight the Man,” and allow no intrusion by Big Brother, gleefully and orgiastically fling themselves and impress others into a state of prohibitionary defenselessness? As Deb so correctly says,

Victimhood is all the Left knows. Success is never celebrated on the Left. They never overcome anything – when they get close to achieving their goals, they change their goals to insist on more. The cannot embrace self-defense, because it rules out the idea of being a victim.

Fortunately more sane legal heads prevailed but the real problem is endemic in the retro-beatnick ultra-sophisticated citizenry and the Old-Socialist-Guard of San Francisco – some of the most naive, deluded, and arrogant black-wearing hipsters on the planet. The political reality is they are so fractionalized by lock-step Diversity that only a chaotic amalgam of weak and porous coalitions exist within the city (and makes Palestine by comparison look like a shining example of Solidarity).
The City Supervisors evidently take their label literally and hold the conviction that, (1.) they a’re always right (Left) about everything, (2.) by a vote they can overrule and affect the outcome of Physics (it works with old acid-heads, so why not?), (3.) being superior to the benighted, dull, and cloddish suburban-masses surrounding them in their island fantasy-kingdom they are a Supreme Law unto Themselves – The City didn’t get the nickname Baghdad-by-the-Bay for nnuthin’.
The proof in the delusional pudding was that they actually thought the ordnance was “a reasonable, narrowly tailored restriction on handgun possession,” In fact it illegally outlawed possession of handguns by all city residents except law enforcement officers and others who needed the guns for “professional purposes”, (the Left always makes an exemption for their security apparatus) and forbidden the manufacture, sale and distribution of all guns and ammunition in San Francisco — which lends a new definition to what narrow means, unless it’s narrow-minded.
All this force brought to bear upon law-abiding citizens in an attempt to end “gun violence” caused by criminals and non law-abiding outlaws.   As observed by commenter David:

In fact, it would be tough to get the SF Board of Supervisors to approve a gun-ban ordinance that was narrowly tailored to serve in a proper Supreme Court test case, precisely because they a’re such a bunch of lefty power-mad clowns that they will always go for more sweeping, idealistic pronunciamentos than for realistic, practical measures.

Victimhood is the pivotal Shrine of the Left and they will install it by any means necessary – it beatifies them and turns their murderous, blood-stained footsoldiers into Saints. It is the Lie that supports their shrine of falsehoods. Here they attempted to make others wear the stained vestaments, but were thankfully rebuffed by adults who know the Truth when they see it.

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