Carbine Workout

I finally got the National Postal Meter Carbine out for a little dog-walk exercise at one of our mid-week noontime gatherings. Here is a compilation of Wednesday’s 200-yard exercise, firing for effect with both the inexpensive Wal-Mart Remington/UMC cartridges and the more pricey American Eagle loads.

Each of the four magazines I loaded and fired had last-round failure-to-feed problems, with the last round failing to be stripped off and go into battery – it remained stuck, pointed into the side of the feed-ramp. Only by rocking the magazine forward and slapping the forward base would it then comply.
The dimples on the rear of the magazine that catch and hold the magazines in place are noticeably smaller and less pronounced than my GI magazine, and once in the rifle the mag has more opportunity to move around.

Next time out I’ll examine the 100-yard and 50-yard hole-punching finesse for which the gun was actually designed. As a self-defense round or in the case of civil unrest (for which this is an ideal helpmate on the order of a .357 Magnum), there’s nowhere from any of our windows or doors that extends out to 200-yards anyhow.

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