Happy Memorial Day

Seems like “happy” is a weird thing to say on Memorial Day.
Anyhow I’m going riding.
Oh yeh, the rip-snorting earth-shattering KTM 300 isn’t so clean and hasn’t been in a while, that was just after her bath. UPDATE: Since nobody cares, I’m editing out the shiny-bike picture. Here’s what she really looks like mostly.

The riding was good, a lot of feet-up stuff in the single track, a bunch of rocks, and not too much dust.
UPDATE STUFF: Tracy got herself stuck in the middle of a long hill when the Pampera’s carb-float starved her out. Mike needs to adjust that, but the quick fix was to flip the little bike onto reserve.
I chased Mike around Metcalf, and Cindy’s boyfriend got himself reacquainted with riding after a 9-year layoff. It took a while since he had an Iron Piglet before, an XT350 four-stroke no-suspension slug-slow beheamoth. That’s is quite a bit different riding experience from the thoroughbred, well-suspended (Ohlins), Gas-Gas 300 two-stroke that Mike loaned him.
He was a bit anxious in the beginning when the bike would rapidly pick up speed in 2nd gear when it came on the pipe so quickly that he was afraid to upshift. We managed to get him to click-up and ride it in 3rd, lug the motor down, and abuse the clutch – it’s a juice clutch and takes the abuse – my KTM’s cable actuated 18th Century mechanism doesn’t fare as well at the end of the day and gets grabby, just when my hand gets tired hangin’ on – and that can lead to OTE’s – Off Trail Excursions…


Update: Ibuprofen is good for aching muscles.

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