UPDATE-UPDATE: Damn and blast! Simple errors in addition by the scorer, now corrected, reveal a 396 – not a 406. Still only a Marksman. More work to do.


The rain that fell Friday afternoon and evening took a break for us down at the range, and with a light turnout we decided to speed the process – so I set up on targets #3 (sighters and off-hand) and #4 (rapid seated) for the first stages.

Shooter   Woo-hoo I shot a 406!
Compared to the previous match…(below)

I managed to keep my rapid-seated 9-group a little closer together (except for the one that down there who wanted to be a 10):

And during rapid prone more of ’em in the black:

And in slow prone more in the middle in the black…

All with the humble Remington core-lokt 150-grainers.

The scores are unofficial still, but Maryanne (who cares about Ginger?) was over by the cleaning bench toting up the scores, when I took my rifle there to run some patches and Hoppes #9 through it.
Making conversation she spoke up and said, “Everybody is shooting really well today, better than last month!” I asked about my targets she said that the guy shooting on numbers 3-4 had shot a 406. Woo-hooo!! I made my goal, and sooner than anticipated too – Sharpshooter! I was all excited and told the Eric, the club President who replied, “That’s great! Now you are back at the bottom of the stinkin’ barrel! Gotta break 450 next to make Expert…”
This old 1944 gun qualified.

Thank you, Mr. John Cantius Garand.

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