150-grain Mystery Spire-Points.

The index card only goes up to three, but this is the fourth batch I’m working on.
The one in the middle is a mystery 150-grain spire-point. Remington? They were donated by my shooting-mentor, and came loose in a cardboard box – I’ve got over a hundred of ’em so I thought I’d give ’em a shot – no pun intended.
On the left are the sweet and chubby Nosler 168-grainers and on the right the superbly lean 155-grain Sierra Palma Match.
But I thought I’d try this homely one. Sparked with a Remington #9-1/2 primer and loaded with 46 grains of H4895 it should rattle down the barrel at about 2700fps. I don’t have a chronograph yet, so can’t say for sure.
It’s kinda what the Garand was built around – or visa versa.

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