Mystery Campus


Down the street and around the corner and across the freeway overpass, in what was the original heart of Silicon Valley where National Semiconductor stood and Shockley spun-off his cadres of discontented engineers spawning more innovation, there stands a new campus.

It was new in ’06, now it’s toast.

They have their own block-long tree-lined driveway with a giant flagpole at the end. On either side are parking lots and buildings.

With a Big-Ass Flag on the flagpole in front of their headquarters which they call The Quad. The flagpole-street is in the middle of a block, and at the other end they have their own traffic-light onto Whisman street.
It’s gotta be a bunch of Stanford guys.

I was wrong, they’re a couple Israelis: Amnon Landan and Arye Finegold – Landan grew up in a middle-class family outside of Tel Aviv.

The single-noun named company ( Mercury ) expresses a mysterious verbiage of gobbledygook and business technology words, … solutions for automated software quality management, performance testing, application management, and IT governance …. to optimize the quality, performance, and availability of their existing applications to ensure they are delivering the value expected … committed to helping customers optimize the business value of information technology…
Whatever. Some wicked scary job-descriptions and none that I could apply-for.

It was founded on a business plan to produce software that would automate one of the most tedious aspects of Unix application development: regression testing. Mercury (formerly Mercury Interactive Corporation) got sucke-up into the whirlwind of HP-maina, and is now part of Hewlett-Packard.

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