Ye olde Crustaceous Cosmolinicus.

Good Lord! This thing is wonderful crunchy!

That means it’s been sitting still for a long time. I can do the wood-cleaning, that’s fun. They say you can’t polish a turd, but this is nothing of the sort, it’s gonna look great when I’m done. But right now it’s all crusty.
A 3-43 Underwood Barrel with a flaming bomb, bright inside with nice grooves.

A early milled type-II rear sight with a H in a shield, a Trimble-Nurseryland stock that shows evidence of the Ogden Arsenal re-work, all covered in wonderful crusty stuff – it’s early I-cut, with an Underwood diagonal-diamond buttplate.

it’s obviously been re-arsenaled but it doesn’t look used much since – just crusty. Maybe I have a name for her, Crusty The Carbine.
At least for now.
There’s more to be discovered, as I take it apart and clean off the years of gunk.
I love the smell of cosmoline in the morning.

UPDATE: Good-grief, I hate the smell of penetrating oil in the morning. The recoil-plate screw is in rigor-mortis and soaking in Liquid Wrench – which seems to do nothing. The head is slowly being eroded by my screwdriver… Argh!

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