LiveBlogging Podcast from the Design-Convention Floor – NOT!

Lite-blogging week: same deal as last year, a bit of work thrown this way. The guys for whom I did the software interface job are back in town for this year’s convention, and I’m lending a physical assist.
I really don’t know nothin’ about scope-applications, and when making inquiries about it was asked if I ever used a voltage-meter to diagnose some wiring on my dirtbike – Yes I did once, but I didn’t know what it meant. I might as well have used a wired-up light-bulb or a wet finger: connect the dots, does the light go on/is there pain?
I was an Anthropology major (for which I can not advise anybody, anywhere, ever to emulate), a Liberal Arts soft-science dunderhead as it were, socio-blather as a foamy substitute for poor math grades. Around here Engineers are king, or at least they have employable skills and useful jobs. Liberal Arts majors dominate the useless professions, jealously hoarding their contacts while busy stabbing each other in the back. Academe and Government in other words…
Electronics, semiconductors, and all that micro-layered asic crap (dammit someone told me yesterday what asic meant and I forgot already – something-something-integrated-circuit) Chips is King, the Big Deal in this valley since all the cattlemen moved south to open rangeland and the orchards got plowed-under for tilt-up buildings and parking lots, and more recently server-farms.
The convention hall is bustling with an incredibly arcane-talking bunch of kakhi-pants and chambray-insignia’d shirt-wearing stiffs, making jokes and earnest conversation about which I have no clue – and some of them making money hand over fist. Once you make your big-bucks you move up to the Hills surrounding the valley where you can watch the ants in the amphitheater and drive around in your Porsche or Ferrari.
As a surprise and a relief a fellow from my gun-club appeared out of the mist. We talked about another incredibly arcane bunch of stuff: handloads for the M1-Garand. His frustration lead him to shoot an AR instead, doctor’s orders – I explained I have no alternatives and must deal with it. Tonight the show’s over anyhow…

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