The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round…

Good grief, I’ve been at this (not totally focused) brass-trimming for two days it seems, and there’s still more to do… The machine chugs along merrily making it’s little noises and there’s enough brass-filings scattered around from the military crimp remover and primer-pocket uniformer that I could easily fill-in the RCBS logo die-stamp cutout-thing at the top of the Trim Mate case-prep machine with them – so I did. Looks purty and sparkly.

Oh well, the sun just broke through the clouds and I have an errand to run…but miles of brass to go before I sleep, or at least another 50.

UPDATE: 100 little brass cylinders stand at attention – except for one thing ,one little physical detail that could improve ignition, uniformity, and downrange consistency…one more damn thing.

A simple observation of the tool’s utility was stated, This can make primer pocket swaging to remove military crimps vastly easier, and another very insightful tool-user observed, I use mine at station #1 in my RCBS Case Preparation Center as it has an 8-32 thread on one end. After resizing and trimming, I deburr and chamfer the case neck and then deburr/size the flash hole. Amazing!! Exactly what I needed – one more tool for the machine.

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