Who’s watching the reloader?

The 150-grain MatchKings did well as seen below – I wish I had more of them! In my haste to try and cover a lot of bases I started out reloading in multitasking-mode with a variety of things and intents at once: four different bullet-weights, five different charge weights – a bit of everything! I was excited to just get started. My conclusion is that it all works best, one damn thing at a time. What I have now is two boxes of 155-grain Palma MatchKings – another weight than what I tested last week. Well they were on-sale, so how could I not buy them? So, who’s watching over all this chaos?
Ku as Kukailimoku was god of war, but he also reigned over woodlands and crops, and in various forms was worshiped by craftsmen. As Ku The Eater of Islands, he was the personal god of King Kamehameha-I. As one weenie socialist wimp says, It’s always a little disturbing when the military are in charge of things. Bwawahahahaha!!! Me, I’m trying to be a craftsman with this reloading thing, but as far as King-Kamehameha goes, my friend Janet lives up where he was born, her husband is a builder. Know what’s so cool about building on Hawaii? Because of the lava you get to use a lot of dynamite on the blue-stone!! Man it’s such an incredibly bitchin’ island, the hell with “See Venice and die,” you should go there just one freakin’ time in your life. Between the Waipi’o Valley and Hawi is North Kohala and miles of inaccessible jungle – it’s not all tourist crap.

The process and recipe is beginning to become familiar: de-cap and prep the brass which means remove the Mil-crimp and uniform the primer-pocket, and bevel and chamfer the neck. The next step which I havn’t yet gotten to is gently squeeze in some Winchester large primers (because that’s what I got), set the powder dispenser and scale to a specific charge…in this case between 46 and 51 grains of H4895 – and set the bullet OAL at 3.225 – Bingo! 50 grains worked well last time with the 150-grain MatchKings – I’ll try 49-grains to account for the 10-percent rule that using thicker Military Brass requires, and keep it below max to see if slowing it down a hair does as they say increase accuracy.

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