National Ammo Week, National Ammo Day 19th.

Our cousin from across the waves, The Englishman who’s got his own Island Nation, reminds us that today begins National Ammo Week! And therewith The Gun Guy commands that we buy,100 rounds, or more, of your favorite / most-used / in-case-I-ever-get-a-gun-in-this-caliber ammo. TFS Magnum further reminds us that 100 rounds of ammo is not a lot – in fact it’s insufficient for me to complete just two Across-the-Course matches, but don’t let that get you down, it’s a start.
Some, and some-more are coordinating to do this precisely on the 19th itself, and more precisely simultaneously: 4:30PM Eastern (NYC), 3:30PM Central (Chicago), 2:30PM Mountain (Denver), 1:30PM Pacific (California) at the WalMart of your locality, in order to make some kind of rippling tidal-wave impression across the Commercial and Blogosphere.
Hmmm, what to get?
.30-06?   Typical store-bought hunting loads are usually more stout or hot than is recommended for a ’43 M1 Garand.
I know Wally-World won’t have the 7.5×55 Swiss, that’s a given.
More .38 special?   Could be…
They don’t carry 30-40 Krag, that’s for sure too.
Possibly .45 Colt   for the old 1909?
Probably .45ACP  just because it comes in the big white boxes, 50 at a time.
Or maybe another case of 2-3/4 inch 12 gauge shotgun shells for the old Belgian A-5 Light-Twelve??
Could be interesting!


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