IDF Eco-friendly Caterpillar-alternative Tunnel-Tramper

From Tim Blair we learn of the Tennessee Tunnel Terminator, a sensitive alternative to the boycott prone Caterpillar Corporation bulldozers used wantonly by the IDF (Israel Defense Force) in Israel to unearth the crafty and oppressed murder-driven Palestinians’ gun-and-bomb-smuggling tunnels, and which unfortunately caused the demise of a stupidly self-indulgent pro-Intifada bomb-protecting protester – here’s a peek at one, courtesy of The Currency Lad – Whoa! It’s a 100-ton Trencor trench-smasher, Kewl!

The 100-ton behemoth would dig deep channels along the border route Israel patrols, exposing the tunnels, the soldiers’ weekly “Bamahane” reports in its current edition.

To which highly astute reader Joe (and to whom I’m forever grateful) responds, “When are they going to stop playing with those baby toys, and get one of these?”

…OMG…*stunned silence*…
…Oh The Absolute Beauty….
Ok I have to post it:

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