Detail Work

Close-up of the new Vang-Comp button. It works well and is larger than the stock Mossberg unit, so somewhat easier to manipulate. It’s just the installation process requires a three-handed grip, with the pinkie reaching up into the receiver cavity – or at least that’s how I did it.

Meanwhile we’re draining the rain-barrels onto the trees as we await a wet weekend with up to three-inches of rain. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Sling Swivel

The GG&G forward quick-detach sling-swivel mounted up pretty easy on the 590, and it’s non-rotating. The rear swivel is coming via Brownells in a few days. I guess I’ll get a Viking Tactics sling so it matches the one on the M4gery – after I swap it back and forth a few times to see how well that works, and on which side to install it…
There are a few guys who run a shotgun course around here so I have that, but I’m sad that I can’t take Louis’ class, very sad indeed – but I can get his book, or the video.
UPDATE: What else? I’m leaning towards the Magpul stock because it’s seems to accommodate the Mossberg thumb safety location, and looks like a good compromise between a “real” stock and a pistol-grip stock: With an especial plus this from the Esteemed Tam (and I’m still pissed-off at the steaming scum-sucking jerkwad sh*tbrain who caused her to flatten the blog to a thin, narrow reminder of what it once was.)

Love the Magpul stock, and I say that as someone who, when she first saw the Magpul shotgun furniture, thought “Okay, the guys at Magpul have jumped the shark now, because that looks flimsy and ghey.” Despite my treatment of the 870 which, like most of my guns intended as range toys and sporting goods rather than collectibles, varies between neglect and mild abuse, nothing on the stock has broken or fallen off yet.
One of the advantages of a pistol grip on a shotgun is that it allows people without superhuman forearm strength to hold the gauge comfortable shouldered with one hand. Unfortunately, the downsides are that it pokes out awkwardly when the weapon is slung, makes operating the 870 safety a pain, and some don’t like what it does to the handling of the gun. The Magpul stock gives the advantage of the pistol grip, in that even my wimpy wrist can keep the shotgun shouldered with just my strong hand, and hasn’t any of the disadvantages. (Well, maybe it wouldn’t handle as well as an English stock if I took this thing hunting for upland birds…)

Happy Gunstuff – New Store!

A new-to-me shop opened recently on the corner of El Camino and Mary in the old, gray (now flat-black) Economy Imports building. Formerly a place to get hot-rod parts for foreign cars, now you can get hot-rod parts for Americana and foreign guns. Behind the counter Eric Fisher holds down the fort with help from Josh and Mike.
Eric formerly ran Reed’s Gun Range during the transition period from National and was responsible for bringing the awesome Louis Awerbuck to train people here locally, thanks Eric!! Since the on-going Reed’s re-confabulation spins out, he has moved to a new business and will soon have new training opportunities – (hopefully Louis among them) and this is it.

U.S. Firearms Company is a full-service gun shop that offers its customers the highest quality defensive equipment available. U.S. Firearms offers defensive shooting classes with well known respected instructors who specialize in the art of defensive shooting and tactics. U.S. Firearms has a unique hunting program that not only gives you a time and place to hunt, but can walk you through the entire process from picking a firearm and getting outfitted for the hunt to step by step hands on instruction in the field.

To understand the level of ignorance and bias that exists around here, we offer a quote from the local Fishwrap and Parakeet Liner that illuminates the mind of a Left-wing “educator”who was opposed to the shop opening at its present location.

“I realize that we can educate kids about these kinds of stores and different types of weapons, but being an educator, I’m not sure I want to educate my second-graders about that,” said XName-RedactedX, a Sunnyvale resident and teacher…

U.S. Firearms Co. has a good selection of reading material, and while I was there I took the opportunity to pick-up a copy of Louis’ book Why There’s No Such Thing as an “Advanced” Gunfight and another by Col. Cooper Principles of Personal Defense.
Compared to some hunting-only gun-shops that are hereabouts (hey Imberts!) the folks at U.S.F.C. had some OMG black equipment with picatinny rails and such, and a quantity-selection of M1 Garands. Woot!
In one display case they had a monster Surefire light that I had heard about but never seen, one that’s used in the current conflict mounted on .50BMG machine guns – the Hellfire. Eric held it up for a picture. Damn it’s a big sucker! What kind of super-ACOG goes with that??

So glad to see a new shop in the area!

Sig .22LR Conversion Upper

Pictures are clickable.

At the heart is a mini Sig ramped barrel – so cute.

It fits together like a regular sig – but the guide-rod is polymer.

It has adjustable sights that are better than the fixed sights on my P220.

We’ll just have to see how it runs with the polymer .22LR magazine.

Bullet Blight and the Dirty Chamber

The Sig started to graunch-up in the last string and upon closer examination of what was going up through the dirty feed-ramp the pestilence of Bullet-Blight was noticed. The Winchester white-box from Wal-Mart had failed me, so I did a quick selection of what better self-launchers I could paw through and thumb into a magazine and got me a do-over that was the throw-out time of 22.55 seconds – since the malfing continued.
Not being much of a pistolero there’s another thing that I get now, it’s the same reason some people buy a tub of Liquid Drench into which they dunk the dirty feelthy gun – despite the chrome chamber and bore this thing is a skunk after 250-plus rounds! Just to illustrate the differences are before and after pics: Also my buddy Mike who owns and carries one of these and shoots it suggests that a little lube on the frame rails might help. I did have some WWII Lubriplate along for the ride but my big Bottle-O’-Hoppes was missing from the range bag (sorry Sebastian!). In the end our day at the facility was over and I was happy to get off my best run of 2.96 on the final stage, which was a straightforward five-shots as fast as you could go from shooter-ready at a single-plate. Practicing finding the trigger Link-and-Reset on Friday really helped, that is when when I could remember to do it.

UPDATE: I’ve never shot so many rounds through the pistol before, so I can’t say whether the un-clean condition was simply from a whole lotta rounds, or the Winchester White Box, because 50 of the 250+ rounds total were Blazer from the day before and I didn’t pay attention to the state of cleanliness.