Bug-Out Bags Past & Present

I turned in the shower this morning, adjustment the bucket beneath my feet that collects body run-off gray water for the yard and plants, and something went *SprOOing!* HUH? Aw shit. It’s not my usual lower-back dork-up, it’s in a whole new spot on the right upper hip axis. I am reminded (again, dammit) that I am closer to 60 than 40, and that my bug-out bag’s role, conditions, and environment is changing. I’ve been doing a lot of squat and lift stuff with heavy rocks and feel great, my arms have never been stronger and more sinewy – but there’s always a tingle in the right knee when I turn direction or just get into bed. The Glucosamine-Chondroitin has a great placebo effect…
As a Brahmin-born BayAryan I was concerned in the past about The Earthquake being THE bug-out trigger event. Now that we live in Tinderland in the midst of a bone-dry drought, it’s Fire (and water) I’m worried about. But the bug-out bags are only getting heavier, and any much more and my wife won’t be able to carry hers.
As age and mobility issues arise, I realize that the two of us I can’t get very far with the whole “Gunny-Alternative REI ground-pounder” kind of backpacker shit. Maybe I need a bug-out vehicle rather than a hiking stick and a soon-to-be 90-lb Kelty pack – and that’s before I even pick up a rifle and ammo. One that can run the Rubicon Trail just over the hill? Some kind of spidery, rock-hopper rig that clings to granite and can make its own trail. Nothing with a rear-view camera to help drunk hipsters in city parking. Decisions, decisions…
We escaped to the hills from the clotted crowds of ugly city-suburban people, but maybe we didn’t get far enough. Anybody coming up here to escape the Upcoming Apoclypse/Maelstrom/Collapse will be in vehicles confined to a narrow asphalt ribbon, and maybe I should learn something about explosive so we locals can drop a couple of the freeway overpasses in order to impede the Hipster escape traffic. I understand from vague reports that there’s already a crew of guys like that in Arizona who are ready for the crowds streaming out of California on the southern freeway in the event of worse: .300 Win-Mag/.338 Lapua kinda stoppit-now sniper guys.
Also, while I was previously working on the Med-kit with a concentration on wound-issue stuff, but I now wonder if there’s a fire-bandage equivalent of QuikClot…? If not there should be.
UPDATE: Thanks for everybody’s feedback and comments, especially about the burn-gel impregnated bandages! Awesome!

Moto Carry

Wanted to thank everyone who chimed on on the topic of Moto Carry.

I’ll be looking for a muzzle-down, retention-capable shoulder rig – and also some riding pants with belt loops so that cross-draw is an option.   The main problem that I hear from most people when talking about shoulder carry is the draw-stroke and necessity of having to lift your opposite arm out of the way so you don’t muzzle yourself – the hand-on-haed draw.  Meanwhile Weer’d has a take on the Galco (2010), but I’d have to opt for the vertical one.

The P245 is small enough that I could stuff it into my Moose enduro waist-belt with the rest of the tools – if I’m riding solo – and if I can find the damn waist-belt.

Wife wants me to get some more seat-time before she joins in on the bike, so probably a truck/bike trip to Tahoe is in the cards.

Paper pushing – Big Day!

The top of the cover sheet is checked **APPROVED**… Just ONE month after the initial application. My second interview with the Detective went well. I guess I am really a pretty boring person with no “exciting” criminal history and nothing much to hide. Truth is my a Permanent Record is pretty “thin,” he said. I mentioned the speeding ticket and that I wasn’t sure how long ago it occurred – but apparently it was over five years so the overworked DMV dropped me off the hot-sheet.
Other stuff: Being born overseas I always wonder what the question about birthplace triggers – or if it even shows-up on the list (it must), because it always seems to raise a local eyebrow, but The Professional foreheads remain untroubled, with eyes clear as glass – like riding on a sea of botox. So anyhow I had with me my Naturalization and Immigration papers, including some 56-year old Consulate documentation and foreign Hospital pulp-paper — stuff the current President doesn’t even have available in faked-up pseudo .PDF file – and didn’t hear “Boo” about that either. As an International Child of Mystery, I’m disappointed and wonder who’s gate-keeping, but welcome being on the Good-Guys side finally. I think.
My new BFF the Deputy Sheriff checked the gun’ SN#’s listed on the application. I removed the Hogue monogrip on the Model-10 .38spl and put the stock stocks back on, because it hides the SN# that’s stamped onto the bottom of the frame with a stirrup-latch screw-pin holder thing. He was checking the spurious numbers stamped on the crane, and I had to direct his attention to the actual serial-number location.
I thanked him for his work and told him how much we liked living here compared to life among the Foggy BayAryans, and he smiled and said, “We pretty much believe in the Constitution up here…” – or words to that effect. Now for an appointment to pick-up and get the Permit! Woot!!
(Updated to reflect unexpectedness and various commentary)

Easy-Off Optics

I got an American Defense 1″ Scout-mount from SWFA Outdoors, that operates with the quick-detach flipper just like my shorty Tango Down forward-grip.
Apart from the classic British, Triumph-style vertical arrangement of clamping screws aligned top and bottom (some mechanics prefer the non oil-leaking Honda-type horizontal case-halve arrangement), it’s not a heavy desert lead-sled and does exhibit some style and (apparent) strength, with a single Picatinny cross-bolt bearing against long rail surfaces for pointy-end alignment.
And with the spring-loaded locking-lever adjustable from too-tight to outright flaccid, it’s easy-on and somewhat easy-off. IMGP2729x1000DSC03349x1000IMGP2732x1000IMGP2730x1000IMGP2733x1000

SHTF Content: RoE Civil Unrest

Reposted from comments: Civil Unrest by Violent Extremists.

What exactly are the Rules of Engagement for civilians during a breakdown in Civil Order when Teh Police are incapacitated or otherwise unable/unwilling to respond – especially when those who have actively precipitated and participated in causing that breakdown are threatening you on your doorstep?

Recent #OWSFail activity in Socialist-mismanaged municipalities (Oakland, CA) show a strong tendency for the Socialist-imprimatur Judicial-Class (in that jurisdiction) to be lenient on pampered, brainwashed, full-grown, mentally-stunted affluent “Activists” who wantonly and feloniously destroy hard-earned private property (for the fleeting, briefly-stimulated pleasure of an ideology), but have never had to earn any of it themselves and indeed are quite incompetent to do so.

1.) Are there really any “innocent” active-participants in rioting and thuggery?
2.) Is a simple camera or camera-phone really a sufficient *excuse* to participate in mass-activism and still sustain plausible deniability and avoiding a Second-Degree warrant?
3.) When such *participation* results in destruction, injury, or death is that not still a Felony, Assault in the Second Degree? Can that be plea-bargained down to Reckless endangerment in the second degree? Can I bend them over a waterboard and give them the THIRD degree?
4.) Do you submit to being deprived of your immediate and future life by stupid ass-clown thugs with metal teeth, or deprived of the rest of your life by incarceration, under a heartless .Gov?
5.) Does the guy asshole hiding his identity under the black hoodie get the first one? (Guess!)
6.) After you finish with them, do you submit the cleanup bill to their dumb-ass parents who failed them so miserably in Life?

Bug-Out Zombie New Year

We made an executive decision to upgrade the Zombie bug-out bags.

I think you can probably see why…modernity rears its ugly head.

Shoulder and back suspension mean a EVERYTHING as far as carrying-comfort goes, and the old bags were literally little more than unstructured bags with shoulder straps, and lumpy places where gear could dig into you.

I have always really liked having a separate compartment for sleeping gear, it just makes sense and keeps things clean.

I miss having a couple (or more!) side-pockets because they provide quick and easy access to things, but there’s (1.) a grab-handle for quick Zombie-getaways,(2.) a couple semi-hidden zipper side pockets good for single-stack magazines and maybe a small .38,(3.) a fairly useful internal/external double top-pocket,(4.) an internal flap for a 2-litre hydration system, and (5.) a rain-fly to keep it dry.
I’ll get these packed-up and take some more shots when I’m done.

Bug-Out Radio

I got this one, it’s quite small but an effective and useful solar-powered emergency radio that ALSO hand-cranks for power, can be used as a flashlight, and is cell-phone re-charger (if your cell-phone re-charges from a USB port). 
I thought I posted this already but I can’t even find it in my own damn blog-search.

Bent Corners

We got the curve without breaking it by layering it. The first attempt with half-inch MDF snapped in many places. Sawn-down to two 1/4-inch slivers, the pieces snuggled up against each other on the 45-degree corner bevel.

In other news, my tiny little bug-out-bag crank-it-up (& solar) emergency radio is about the size of a Sig P220. The coins are for size-comparison.

Duct-tape, QuickClot, and PolarPure

Got some of the remaining ingredients.
The Passport is out of date but has name-verification value.  The little radio is really pretty small, but cranks up to sufficient sound and has a LED flashlight so I don’t have to use my Surefire light (and batteries) for tasks. Our cell phones don’t charge from the USB but it’s not like I’m gonna be calling anyone – that’s not my first reaction really. Just not a phone-guy/conversationalist.
Got the 1st-aid kit from Midway.  Just basically wanted the red-pouch to build-out the contents – it makes it easy to find in the old backpack.  Need to add ACE bandages for compression…

Bug-Out-Bags & Earthquake Preparedness

The earthquake in Japan highlighted and concretized some thoughts and processes.
Our Japanese friends in Yokosuka are OK, but life is made difficult and worrisome for them.
The 12-foot swells that hit the Big Island did the most damage.  They tore up Keauhou Bay where we enjoyed a trip out to Captain Cook’s, and in Kealakekua Bay itself where we enjoyed a great snorkel and fish-watching, a house was washed off to sea and sank.  In Kona the world famous Kona Village Resort was totally trashed and is closed now indefinitely. It may never open again. Our friends up in the North of the Big Island are OK.

So I’ve been assembling bug-out-backpacks for the both of us, with a third one for the job-car, and I want to take guns - I will be armed - but have few choices on exactly how to get around with ‘em.
I’m surprised at how much can fit into such a small place.  So-far the backpacks each have:

  1. Multi-tool, whistle, stupid-stuff.
  2. Lightweight 50° sleeping bag AND an aluminized emergency bivvy sack.
  3. 3-day block of 3600-calorie food bars.
  4. Water-filter straw and water purification (iodine) crystals.
  5. Fire-steel and tinder.  Matches and compass.
  6. Wind-up AM/FM/NOAA radio with a LED flashlight, solar power, and cell phone charger.
  7. Medical mini-pack with bandages and QuickClot and Water Jel Burn Jel.
  8. Personal hygiene items and plastic bags.  3-pr Socks and change of clothing.

And more…

This is worst-case thinking, considering the highly likely event of an earthquake, followed by fire, and the whole shit is toast. This is for when there is no place to return-to. Maybe not even my parent’s house down the road… the first 72-hours make the difference. Perhaps I’ll go with “Open Carry Unloaded” which is (still) legal here rather than concealed which is not. I don’t want anybody to have any legal excuse to stop my progress or movement, to detain me anywhere – not when I’m going to get my wife.
And thinking of that, I may have to go get her on the back of the KTM because the roads are f*ked.
The roads WILL be filled with bad drivers, anxious and uncertain, sick with worry, and crazed of purpose and mind – and a better two-up bike would be (have been) my old XR650L – but I don’t have it anymore. With that one I don’t have to carry and add a dollop of oil to the gas tank.
Bouncing around on a dirtbike after an earthquake = crossing traffic medians, going the wrong way, dodging brainless cretins by every means available, crossing people’s lawns, and going over curbs – all that bouncing around means some retention is required – an open-top is an invitation to losing it. Two is one, one is zero.  The alternative is f*-it I’m carrying concealed – with no experience or preparation for that. Hmmm. No experience…
So I’m still looking around for a holster for the carry-purpose, since I don’t want to stuff it all (guns & ammo) into my backpack where I can’t easily get at it in a moment of dire need. Like when someone tries to stop me because they want THE BIKE for themselves. Nooooo. Not gonna give it up.
I’m also going through a simplification thought-process: do I standardize on one type? Like, just the Model-10′s – since my wife is a revolver and not a semi-auto kinda gal? Or can I (or somebody better than me) train her on the Sig de-cocker and its revolver like simplicity? She’s a dead-eye shot. I have two .38′s and three .45′s. and I’m not even thinking about a rifle. Yet. I think the Sigs would survive better in the rain. A plastic gun would survive better in the rain…Hmmm.